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Alyssas’ new dress is a black leather dress with a full bustline, full sleeves, a satin skirt, and a black, embroidered, long sleeve shirt.

Alyssas is the star of Alyssha’s new adidas adidas Originals adidas Women’s collection, which is slated to launch in April 2017.

The adidas women’s collection will feature three silhouettes: the Alysss Black, Alysses Pink, and Alyssss Blue.

The Alyssass Black is a medium-length black lace dress with gold trim, a full-bustline, and no waist.

Alyssess Pink is a short-sleeved pink lace dress that has a full bodice and sleeves.

And Alyssias’ blue lace dress is just as amazing.

The Alyssys Pink has a bright yellow bodice with matching straps.

A black, gold, and white embroidered cardigan is the only piece in Alyssia’s new collection.

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