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In an article for Entertainment Weekly, Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams share their style tips, as well as their personal favorites.

Read the full article here:Gwyneth and Serene Paltriests Style Tips: “Women are always trying to find the perfect fit for the clothing that they wear.

When you wear it, you can tell when you’re wearing it.”

Gwynet Paltrice: “I wear dresses and skirts.

Sometimes they look great on me.

Other times, I like to wear skirts and dresses.

I also like to mix it up with blouses.

And I love to mix things up with shoes.””

When I wear a skirt, I always wear it with a cardigan and a jacket.

That way, I can wear it in the summer and still have it look great in the winter.”

I love the kind of dresses that I can mix with blousons.

If I want to wear a blouse with a skirt and dress, I’ll wear it.

It doesn’t matter what the look is, I love that kind of style.””

If I’m wearing a dress, it’s usually the kind that you like.

I like a blazer with a dress.

I don’t think about it.

When I wear something, I usually wear it on the weekends.

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