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RTE 1/15 A woman wears a dress in a shop at a Chinese takeaway chain in Beijing, China Reuters 2/15 People shop at Chinese takeaway chains in Beijing Reuters 3/15 Chinese takeaway store employees, in a car, drive past a shop where a woman in a pink and blue blouse and matching skirt is seen wearing a pair that are part of a women’s fashion collection in Beijing REUTERS 4/15 Workers assemble women’s footwear at a fashion store in Beijing.

Chinese women are often seen wearing women’s dress in public AFP/Getty Images 5/15 Women walk in a Beijing street as part of the annual Chinese New Year celebrations, on New Year’s Eve Reuters 6/15 The new year holiday is observed in Beijing on January 1st 2019 AFP/ Getty Images 7/15 This image was taken on January 5, 2019, and shows the new year’s decorations at the Chinese New year celebrations in Beijing Getty Images 8/15 In this picture taken on December 12, 2018, a woman wears the new Year’s Day floral headdress and floral scarf during the New Year celebration at the Great Wall Gate in Beijing AFP/AFP/Getty 9/15 Hundreds of young people wearing pink, blue and green ribbons decorate the walls of the Great Hall of the People as they mark the start of the New Years Day celebrations in central Beijing REUTERS 10/15 An employee of the Beijing Metropolitan Government’s Youth Affairs Office takes a selfie with young people dressed in pink and white ribbons, as part the New years celebrations at the Beijing Metro Station REUTERS 11/15 Thousands of people wearing red and white ribbon bracelets decorate Beijing Metro stations during New Year\’s celebrations REUTERS 12/15 Some children in Beijing wear bright pink and black ribbons during the new years celebrations Reuters 13/15 Children walk in front of a display of Chinese traditional arts during New Years celebrations in Shanghai REUTERS 14/15 Young people wearing the new red and yellow ribbon bracelet decorate a wall at the new Chinese New Years event, in Beijing AP 15/15 New Year�s Eve celebrations are seen at a Beijing metro station Reuters 1/20 People shop for clothes in a Chinatown women’s retail chain in London, Britain Reuters 2 of 20 REUTERS 3/20 A woman walks past a store where a women in a green blouse is seen in a women�s fashion collection, in Shanghai Reuters 4/20 Workers assemble the new clothes at a shop in Beijing in this picture Reuters 5/20 Women walk outside a Beijing streets as part to the annual China New Year festivities, on the New year\’s Eve Reuters 7/20 This image, taken on the day of New Year, shows a woman wearing the red and pink ribbon bracelet during the festivities Reuters 8/20 In this image taken on November 15, 2018 by Reuters 9/20 Hundreds of women wearing pink and green ribbon braceets decorate Shanghai Metro stations AFP/Reuters 10/20 An employee takes a picture with young women dressed in red and blue ribbon braceles, as well as red and black ribbon bracelinks, as they decorate an empty wall at a New Years Eve event in Beijing PA 11/20 Thousands of young women wearing red, white and yellow ribbons walk around the Great wall in Beijing during New year’s celebrations REUTERS 13/20 Children walk inside the Great hall of the Chinese city of Beijing REUTERS 14 / 20 Young people in Beijing wearing bright pink, black and red ribbon braceels decorate walls at the New Chinese New years event REUTERS 15/20 New Year���s Eve festivities are seen on a Beijing Metro station REUTERS