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By choosing the right clothes for your body type, you can take advantage of the trends in women’s apparel and accessories.

From a style standpoint, the best clothing for women is what you wear to the gym, where you are in the gym more often and where you work more often.

But the best fashion advice is to wear the clothes you’re comfortable with and find your own style.

“The more comfortable you feel in your outfit, the more confident you are,” said Karen Cramer, a professor of apparel design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

“You’re going to look good in a skirt, a blazer, and a dress.”

Here are 10 best women’s and men’s clothing trends to consider.1.

Men’s and Women’s Clothing Trending for 2019The latest trends for men’s and women’s fashion are getting bigger, as more women are starting to wear them and brands are looking to appeal to their interests.

In 2019, brands are taking their cues from the men’s fashion scene, and the trends are picking up.

There are several notable trends in men’s footwear, clothing, and accessories this year.

“Men are definitely trying to make more of an impact in the fashion world,” said David G. Shinn, director of fashion and footwear at American Apparel, a consumer apparel company.

“The men’s trend is a bit of a hybrid, it’s the old guys who are taking over the world,” Shinn said.

The trends include men’s shirts and pants, men’s hats, and men in suits and ties.

Men’s clothing has traditionally been focused on fashion for men, but Shinn believes this year’s trend will appeal to more women as well.

Shynni, for example, launched the Men’s T-shirt, a slim, thin-fitting shirt with a mesh pocket.

The shirts are available in both men’s sizes and women, and they will be available at select retailers in October.

Women’s fashion has been more subdued in the last few years, with more men opting for more casual styles and less clothing.

There’s a new trend of men’s apparel for women, including men’s jackets, sweaters, pants, and sweaters.

The trend is gaining traction as more companies are embracing it.

“A lot of the more traditional men’s brands are embracing the trend and are using it as a way to appeal more to women,” said Shinn.

“It’s kind of a cross-gender thing, and that’s a good thing.”2.

Women’s Fashion Trending For 2019Women’s clothing is becoming more of a fashion trend for women.

“Women are getting into more traditional types of clothing, from the casual to the sophisticated,” said Jessica A. Tabor, a partner at Lorna Dolan & Partners in New Jersey, which advises clients on the best women-specific products.

“They are not necessarily going to wear things that are more ‘sexy’ for women.”

Tabor also noted that women are now starting to take a more active role in the home and the workplace.

“There are more women working on the home, in the kitchen, and in the garage, and it’s an important place for them to be,” she said.

“If you are trying to do the best job, you should be doing things with the best fit.”3.

Women in Women’s Wear TrendingFor the second year in a row, women are gaining prominence in the women’s wear space.

“In 2018, women were a very small part of the fashion landscape, but that changed,” said Laura F. Jones, a fashion and accessories consultant based in Washington, D.C. “Now, they are the majority.”

Women’s fashion is evolving in a number of ways, said Jones.

For one, fashion is shifting from a man’s-only space to one where women are a majority of the customers.

The shift to casual wear has been an evolution for women over the years.

“I think women are really comfortable in casual clothing now,” Jones said.

For women who have not had the chance to wear casual clothing, the trend is to be more casual.

“We have a lot of opportunities for women to wear women’s styles,” said Jones, adding that women will find ways to dress more casually with men.4.

Women and Men’s Clothing Trends for 2019Women and men have been making great strides in the recent years in women and men wearing casual clothing.

While there is still a significant amount of wear for both genders, women and women are taking the lead in the new trends.

“When it comes to women’s style, women have been wearing more casual clothing for a long time, and we have a long way to go in the next few years,” said Jennifer E. Strom, director and senior fashion consultant at The Center for Design in New Orleans.

“But now that men are getting in on the trend, they’re also starting to embrace more casual wear