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I have always loved handcrafted garments.

I was lucky enough to work at a boutique that made me feel very creative and creative, and I could not have done that anywhere else.

I was also a huge fan of handbags, and for years I had the idea of designing a bag for a trans woman in the hopes of turning her into a fashionable woman.

In 2015, I started the Ashro Women’s Fashion Store in Liverpool, and since then, I have built a reputation as a talented handbag designer and I hope to continue to do so.

The idea of creating a handbag for a transgender woman, who has lost her legs, is so much easier to imagine, but the actual process of designing and sewing each garment was a challenge.

There are lots of different ways of creating handbags for transgender women.

The best way is to get creative and go for a hand-drawn look.

There are plenty of handmade handbags that I personally love.

But sometimes it is more important to use a traditional handmade design.

The handbag I created for my friend is a classic handmade, hand-woven bag.

“A lot of people think it’s just a bag, but it’s really more of a statement of identity,” Ashro’s executive director, Rachel Pemberton, told the BBC.

“When you wear a bag it is a statement, it’s a statement to the world that you are a woman.”

She said it also allowed Ashro to offer her a different way to express herself.

“People don’t always understand that when they buy a bag they’re not just buying a piece of clothing,” she said.

“They’re also buying a statement.

You’re saying you’re a woman, you’re taking pride in your body, and it’s also a statement that you’re not afraid of how you look.”

‘I really wanted to be a woman’ Before I started working with Ashro, I had been designing handbags at home for years, but I had always wanted to do a little more than that.

When I started designing bags, I was always very much drawn to the classic look.

It was always something I could do in my garage.

“I thought about creating something that was more of an urban thing, something that I could wear with jeans and a sweater,” Pembert said.

But I also wanted something that could go on to a shopping trip, and that was something I really wanted.

Ashro has been a supporter of the transgender community for a long time, and Pemberts mother was a transgender girl who had lived as a woman for years.

It was really important to me that she feel like she was really represented in her work, and she was very proud to wear the Ashros signature bag.

The bag itself has a distinctive shape, which Ashro said is a tribute to her mother.

She said it is the first time in her career that she has made a hand bag that was created specifically for transgender people.

“It’s a very special bag,” Pernett said. 

“It was the first bag that I have ever made, but now that I’ve done it, I really want to do more.” 

Ashro is also known for the way she designs the garments.

Pembertons bag has been designed with her in mind, and the way her clothing is sewn and crafted, she said, is very personal.

“She knows how I like to wear my clothes and how I want to wear them, so she knows exactly what she wants in the bag and she’s very conscious about what she wears and how she looks,” Pemerett said.

Ashro was born in Liverpool in the 1970s and has lived in the UK for many years.

Her family moved to Australia when she was two years old, and eventually moved to New Zealand.

She worked as a school teacher in the United Kingdom and was born there in 1987.

Pemberton said she felt very lucky to have worked with Ashros, and Ashro felt the same way.

“It was a really special moment for me, because I’ve been so lucky to work with so many incredible women,” Peter said.

“When I was a child, I always wanted a career in design, and when I met Ashro I knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry, and so she was one of the very first designers I got to work closely with.”

She’s just an inspiration for me and for my family.

I just want to make her proud.