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RTE’s Katie McKeown has been sleeping in her car in Dublin this week, after her employer forced her to sleep at home in the wake of a “distressing” event.RTE’s Sarah Fennelly spoke to the RNLI’s Sarah Jones who said she had been on the phone to an organisation for advice on how to deal with a crisis of this sort.

“They were saying they were going to send someone over to the house and we needed to get up and get dressed,” she said.

“I was just in the car in the back of the car, just sleeping in the bonnet, I just didn’t have any energy.”

Ms McKeon’s employer refused to let her sleep in her home on the day she was due to appear in court, and Ms Jones said that meant the RNLIs office had been forced to call her in to look after her.

“That’s what I thought was happening,” she added.

Ms Jones said the organisation she worked for had been a “huge help” in the past.

“The RNLI have had to call the home of the home and have a conversation with them and then go out and put a dress on her,” she told RTE.

“And it’s really quite a lot of work and it’s hard work and they’re going to make it up to you, but it’s a lot easier to do that than it is to have a meeting with a colleague.”

So I don’t think it’s all bad.

We can do it.

We’re just trying really hard to do it right and do it properly.

“Ms Jones also confirmed that she and other RNLI staff had been put on a waiting list, which meant that Ms McKeone had not been able to leave her home until last Thursday.”

We’re still on a list.

We haven’t had any other calls.

There’s been no other calls,” she explained.”

There’s been some issues in the office with some of the women.

It’s been a bit of a problem but I think it will be sorted out.”RTE contacted RTE for comment and will update this story if we receive it.


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