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There are three key aspects of boating that need to be remembered and kept in mind: 1) Safety – boaters are required to wear safety equipment, including helmet and life jacket, in the water.

2) Navigation – a boater’s primary task is to locate his or her location on the water, which means knowing the currents, tides and current speed.

3) Boating with children – children must not be present in the vicinity of a boating accident or collision.

In the past, the government mandated a minimum of 10 hours of instruction for boaters to ensure they are up to date with the latest safety advice.

The latest edition of the boating manual for 2018 says the boater must “be well prepared for the conditions of the water and ensure that the safety of himself, her, or children is guaranteed”.

It adds: “In particular, a boerer should always use all available techniques, techniques and procedures in order to avoid collisions and collisions”.

The manual also mentions using a safety net, a helmet and a life jacket in the event of a collision.

It also says: “Boaters should take care to wear a lifejackets, and wear a seat belt when in the middle of the sea, in order not to have a fall, or even if it happens to be their own boat”.

The new manual also states that a boeder’s boat should be of “high quality, safe, and reliable” in order for them to “remain a safe boating destination”.

Boating in the UAE is an expensive proposition, and the government has already announced that the boerer who is responsible for the safety and well-being of his or the boat should receive a reward of 50,000 UAE dirhams ($1,600).

However, there are many people who simply cannot afford to pay for the equipment and the safety.

When the UAE government announced the reward, the boaters in attendance were not impressed.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of this reward, so this is very disappointing,” one woman told Al Jazeera.

A man who attended the meeting told Al Arabiya TV that he did not understand the reward for a safety improvement.

“It’s not a reward for the boats, but for the people who actually have to take care of the boat and the boat is a very important part of the UAE economy,” he said.


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