Women's Clothing Websites

The new IrQiyah line of clothing from fashion house Imma is designed to appeal to women in Iran’s mainly Shiite majority country.

Imma’s first line, which features a hijab-wearing woman and a hijab covering a young girl, has already been sold out in Iran.

The new line, the first to be sold outside of Iran, features a black-and-white, full-length hijab covering the head, and a light grey-and white dress with a hijab cap.

The design is a departure from Imma before it, however, with the brand emphasizing the need to keep women’s identities separate from their appearance.

“The brand wanted to show women that they are a part of the fabric of the Islamic Republic and their clothes should reflect this,” said Ali Khosrowshahi, Imma vice president for the Americas, Middle East and Africa.

“We wanted to represent women’s values, but also be a place where they can feel comfortable and express themselves without feeling pressured.”

Imma’s Imma line has already sold out, but the new line is expected to sell out in a couple of weeks.

The new hijab-wrapped line of women’s clothes will be available for pre-order from Ima’s website and online shop, but will not be available at Imma stores until April 29, the brand announced.

Ima is planning to continue to release new clothes throughout the year.

Ima said in a statement that the new Imma products reflect Immas philosophy that women should feel free to express themselves in all areas of their lives, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Imas clothing is made of quality materials and designed to be wearable, yet comfortable and affordable.

Ima plans to continue with its new line of Imma clothes in Iran until April 30, and Imma will expand its collection beyond Iran to the United States, India, Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom.


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