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The new style is a blend of the classic styles of women’s dresses with a bit of retro flair.

It combines an eye-catching pattern with a more casual, streamlined look.

The designers are not the only ones to come up with a look like this.

The brand that coined the term “dress to impress” in the 1960s is one of the most sought-after brands in Australia.

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The “dress” concept originated with the fashion house’s new fashion range in 2014, when they came up with the “dress for the office” line.

It has since been expanded to include “dress in the office”, and the latest addition is the “cloak” and “dress”.

“Cloak is the modern take on a traditional dress that is a touch bolder and more feminine,” the brand said.

“It’s a classic look that’s not overly formal, yet is designed to accentuate the way you wear your clothes.”

It’s designed for the workplace, but is also perfect for an evening out on the town, or for a day at the beach or in a weekend getaway.

“There’s something about a dress that looks elegant on the evening you’ve just gone to dinner with friends or your partner, and a dress for work that just feels right,” the company said.

The company says it has been selling out of the “dress to impress”.

“The style is so versatile it can be worn for work, a casual day out, for the weekend or a casual evening,” the website said.

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