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Navajos are celebrating their 21st annual Navajo Women’s Clothing Festival on Saturday, which will include an all-new style show.

Navajo women are taking a page out of American fashion and the style show will feature some of the countrys most well-known brands.

Navajos Women’s clothing brand Navajo is selling a special collection of Navajo style clothing featuring their signature red and white designs.

Navoyas women are fashionistas, and the festival is a way for them to show their appreciation for the culture and heritage that they hold dear.

The festival will feature the likes of the Navajo Women’s Fashion Show, Navajo Style, Navajo and Navajo Women, Navajo Fashion, Navajo Men’s Clothing, Navajo Women Fashion and Navajo Clothing by Navajo.

Navoys fashion show is being held at the Navajo Nation’s capital of Pueblo, where it will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and is part of the annual Navajomani Festival.