Women's Clothing Websites

Apple is launching a new line of women’s apparel and accessories in 2016, including the new Vivienne Westwood, Vogue and Yves Saint Laurent women’s clothes, and designer Yves Saks.

The new line will be launched in April, and it will include “a new collection of women clothing featuring Vivienne’s signature lace-up heels and black lace-ups” with the line “designed by Yves.”

It’s unclear how much of the new line Apple is making money off of.

The Vivienne collection will feature an “all-over black lace up shoe with suede soles” and “a black lace upsuit with lace up heels,” according to the new collection description.

“Saks collection has been a longtime favorite for our customers, and this new collection is the perfect way to celebrate their favorite designer’s iconic design and style,” the Vivienne brand said in a statement.