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Women in Afghanistan are embracing the fashion trend of wearing simple, practical Afghan clothing.

In addition to the simple designs of the burqa, women in Afghanistan have also begun to use fabrics from other countries in the region, such as silk, cotton and wool.

And, they’re taking their fashion to a new level, with new styles of clothing that are inspired by the traditional Afghan clothing, such a tunic, a kirat belt and a kimono.

A new Afghan-made fashion trend that is gaining traction across the world is inspired by a variety of Afghan designs.

In the past, Afghan women have been able to wear traditional Afghan clothes that had been lost in the war, but now, Afghan-produced garments are changing that.

The Afghan fashion scene is in a period of rapid growth and growth in women’s fashion.

Women are embracing these new Afghan clothing trends that are more functional, more practical and more Afghan.

This is a trend that has not been seen in the West.

This trend is gaining popularity across the region and across the globe.

There is a sense of acceptance among Afghan women and they’re embracing it and embracing Afghan culture, said Shaida Khan, founder of Fashion Lab.

In Afghanistan, there is a very strong sense of identity and patriotism.

Afghan-women are really proud of their heritage and are proud of the culture, she said.

In order to get women to wear the Afghan-sourced clothing, there are many different ways that Afghan women are taking the plunge and getting into the fashion world.

In fact, one of the biggest trends in Afghan fashion is the burka, which is an Afghan fashion item that is not traditional, but is not as traditional as some other clothing styles.

The burka is not a traditional garment, but Afghan women want to wear it because it is a symbol of Afghan culture.

There are a lot of different types of Afghan clothes, and these Afghan-owned fashion companies are starting to be seen in many places around the world, Khan said.

The most popular Afghan fashion brands include the Afghan Women’s Style and the Afghan Fashion Collective.

Afghan fashion companies like Fashion Lab, which has more than 20 stores in the U.S. and Canada, is one of them.

These Afghan-based fashion companies, such the Afghan Style Collective and Fashion Lab also have stores in other countries around the globe, including China, France, India, Israel, Portugal, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom and Turkey.

These fashion companies offer Afghan-style clothing for women of all ages and ethnicities.

For example, a traditional Afghan garment is very popular among women in Turkey.

It has become very popular in Turkey, Khan noted.

“The burka has been a symbol and symbol of this culture.

We want women to have the opportunity to wear this Afghan-styled clothing and wear it in the traditional manner,” she said, adding that it is also a great way to express Afghan identity.