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CHICAGO (Reuters) – Kate Somerville’s fashion show, which was filmed at a fashion store, was filmed in her home and on a beach in southern California.

Somerville, an American-born British fashion designer who was born in Scotland, had her first big fashion show at a London department store in January and has sold more than 30 million pieces of clothing.

She was one of three women to appear at the show, in the chic neighbourhood of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The fashion show was a collaboration between Somerville, the designer’s fashion house, and the fashion designer, Sarah Lee.

Sarah Lee said it was her job to find creative ways to incorporate Somerville into the show.

Somerville was born to an American father and British mother in Scotland in 1954.

She has since moved to New York, where she lives with her husband, Mark, a Canadian-born filmmaker.

Somi’s first collection, which debuted in October, featured a floral pattern, a lace dress and two jackets.

She also unveiled her signature style of striped trousers and a patterned jacket, inspired by her mother, who died of breast cancer at the age of 46.

Somererville is a member of the United Kingdom’s Fashion Council, which has a reputation for supporting designers and brands.

Sommerville’s first fashion show opened on Monday in a fashionable shopping district on Pennsylvania Avenue in New York.

The event also included a surprise appearance by a British woman, a woman who has appeared in the United States for the past eight years.