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From the era of women sailing, to the 1960-70s, women’s sailing was a period of innovation and experimentation.

But, like so many other aspects of the Victorian Era, the 1960’s is remembered in a slightly different way by many.

A century ago, women were not the primary consumers of boating gear.

Today, women make up about half of the population, but in many ways they are still the main consumers of this industry.

And in some ways, that’s a shame.

There are some women in this industry who have made significant and enduring contributions to the craft.

But there are also a lot of women who have not.

What was the impact of the 1960 years on women’s careers?

And what should we be learning from them?

Boat owner and founder, Sally B. Smith, discusses the history of women in sailing with The Associated Press, April 8, 2019.