Women's Clothing Websites

Kate Middletons new clothing line is getting a massive redesign.

The brand is getting rid of the name and its entire website, and replacing it with an all-new design.

The changes have been made in an attempt to boost sales and make it easier for customers to find what they want.

The company said it is also launching a new collection in 2019.

The new name is called “Kate’s Fashion” and it’s aimed at people who like fashion and are looking for something new.

The changeover is a big one for Kate, who launched her line with a bang in 2013 and was recently named the UK’s favourite designer for the first time ever.

Here are the key changes.

The name and brand Kate Middleons new clothing range will be called “Kemblr”.

The brand said it has also made a lot of changes in terms of the branding.

It’s now a whole new brand, it’s not just Kate Middlemans clothing line, it will be a whole brand with its own identity and brand.

This is a brand that is really different from the brand Kate has had for the last three years, it is very much Kate and it is a lot more modern.

The team behind the new collection have been working on a new look for the past six months and are working with some of the best designers in the world to come up with a brand identity that fits with the current aesthetic and the contemporary trends.

“Our approach to our brand identity is not just to change the look of the brand but also the feel of the whole brand,” the company said.

The Kate’s brand has also launched a new clothing collection.

Kate’s fashion collection will be available at select retailers in 2019 and will include a range of items inspired by the world of the Middleton family, including dresses, jackets, trousers and shoes.

The collection will also include a line of accessories and jewellery inspired by Kate’s husband, the fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

The clothes will be launched on September 15, 2019.


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