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If you’ve been wearing a hat for the last decade or so, you’re probably more familiar with the classic pattern.

It’s a fairly simple affair, and you can make your own by knitting a scarf.

But you may not have noticed that you can also make your hat into a hat with a few simple alterations.

Here’s how to do it. 1.

Change up the colour scheme.

Most of us are used to the familiar red, yellow and blue colours, but if you’ve never knit a scarf before, you might have trouble finding your colours.

To make things easier, you can swap out the colour schemes in the following instructions.


Cut the yarn.

The first step is to cut the yarn, which is a long, soft, knitted string that forms a circular shape.

Next, use your fingers to pull it into a ball shape, and wrap it around the back of your hand, making a small triangle.


Slip the scarf around the inside of the hat.

Next you’ll need to slip the scarf over the hat, leaving the front open.

Next slide the scarf on the back, and pull it through the back loop to form a loop that can be easily slipped into the hat and held closed.

This makes it easier to open it up as needed.


Fold the scarf into thirds, using your fingers, to form the hat’s brim.

Next flip the scarf through the loop, leaving a thin strip of the yarn remaining at the front.


Twist the scarf to form your brim.

Now, you’ll have a little extra fabric at the back to keep the hat closed, which means you’ll be able to slip it over your head without having to worry about getting a stitch in it. 6.

Insert the hat into the top of your head and knit.

The hat will look a bit more colourful now, but it’s still a pretty simple knit.


Wrap the scarf up again to make a loop.

Insert it into the same stitch you used to slip in the brim and loop it around your head.


Wrap it around again, using the front loop as a guide.

It’ll stretch over your forehead and neck to create the look of a long cape, which will keep the look and feel of your hat, even if you wear it in a hat.


Twist, fold and slip again to create a hat that is easy to close and keep closed.


The end.

It may look a little complicated, but the end result is actually pretty simple.

It makes it much easier to close your hat as needed and is perfect for winter when it’s cold.