Women's Clothing Websites

A dress made from recycled clothes is part of an effort to help revive Moroccan women’s fashion.

The initiative, called “Moroccan Women’s Fashion,” is being led by a group of young women and women’s rights activists in the southern city of Casablanca.

They’re using old garments to recreate clothing in a new, recycled way, with the aim of making the clothes more affordable for women.

The project, which began in 2015, has received international attention after a series of high-profile events and fashion shows, including a March 2016 fashion show in Paris.

The group is also organizing a series at the end of the year to showcase Moroccan fashion, and hopes to make it the focus of next year’s International Women’s Day.

“The aim of the project is to make the Moroccan woman’s fashion accessible and affordable,” said Ayad Obeid, one of the founders of the group.

“I think the project will provide a way to show that the Moroccan fashion industry is not only making fashion accessible, but also affordable to women.”

It all began in a small village near the border between Morocco and Algeria.

Obeids father, a Moroccan, was living in the country and would sometimes buy the clothes for his daughter and her friends.

“She was always saying, ‘Mommy, I need clothes.’

And she would buy clothes,” Obeidi said.

When the young women from the village, called the Marocans, started taking the project seriously, the Maracans and the Moroccan government, which runs the project, decided to help.

Obeid and his colleagues, all women, are part of the Moroccan Women’s Clothing Foundation, a group that was formed to bring together women’s groups, fashion designers and manufacturers to create a better version of Moroccan fashion.

The goal is to turn the clothes into a sustainable alternative, he said.OBEID said that the first batch of dresses sold at the March 2016 event in Paris was made with recycled fabrics and had to be recycled.

That was the beginning of the first generation of Marocan women who have started to participate in the project.

Obeyeda said that this is a long-term project, as there is no end date for the campaign.

The team is also working on the first season of a television show that will showcase Moroccan women in a way that is new, she said.

The project is also raising funds to pay for the production costs of the TV show, which is scheduled to be launched in February.


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