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Inaugural events in the US are all the rage these days, but it is only fitting that one particular brand of Confederate flag is on display this year. 

In a display of blatant racism and hatred, the Confederate flag, commonly known as the “Stars and Bars,” has been spotted flying above the White House and a number of other major US government buildings in the wake of President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

In a video uploaded by the Instagram account of a local resident, a man named Holly Shaffer reveals that he purchased a Confederate flag from an auction house in Florida on Monday. 

Hollywood actress and Confederate flag enthusiast Kristen Stewart, who stars in the popular Bridget Jones’ TV show, Rebels, has also taken to social media to promote the flag’s sale. 

“Hollywood is the most racist city in the world.

I mean the most, period,” she wrote on Instagram. 

“[It is] a flag that is a hate symbol that is owned by people that want to destroy the US.

 It is so racist and offensive that even some of the celebrities that were supposed to be showing support for the flag are saying ‘we love our Confederate flag’ instead of saying ‘this is a symbol of racism.'” 

The post was shared nearly 2,000 times in the first 48 hours. 

Shafer was also critical of the flag being displayed in the Whitehouse.

“The fact that the flag was displayed on a building that is not a part of the US Government, the US Capitol, the White house, or the United States Senate, that flag should not be displayed in a public space,” she said.

“It is the flag of an organisation that has destroyed and is destroying the country and is killing people all over the world.”

 In response, the Twitter account White House Office of Public Engagement issued a statement calling the flag a “misleading symbol of hate” and warning against its “negative connotations and use”.

“The American flag has been a symbol that has been used by racists and fascists throughout its history,” the tweet said.

“We stand with those who cherish the American flag and who fight for its right to fly.

The White House Office for Public Engaging on behalf of the Office of Communications and Public Liaison, the Presidential Inaugurations Committee, and the Presidential Transition Team will continue to work with all federal, state, and local government offices to ensure the continued safe display of the American Flag. “