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The Bachelorettes star, Kelly Clarkson, is reportedly wearing women’s gauzy clothes.

The former reality star and model shared her thoughts on wearing her own clothing on the ABC program “The View” in a new Instagram video, saying she wanted to do more for the ladies of the world.

The pair is pictured wearing a simple, yet sophisticated look, with a white bodysuit and black pants.

Clarkson is currently hosting the ABC show “The Bachelorettes” on ABC.

She is currently a contestant on season five of the hit show, but was not in the show’s final three.

She said she wanted the ladies to have “the choice of dressing as they want” in the upcoming season.

She added, “I know this is going to sound like a little bit of a big deal but I wanted to make sure the women are aware of what’s going on and be able to make the best choices.”

She added that she has been told she is a “supermodel” and is “so lucky to be here.”

Clarkson, 32, told “The Talk” on Thursday that she would like to see more women get into the sport of modeling, and she has “great plans for the future.”

She said the show has been her biggest outlet for her work and she wants to inspire women to be more empowered.

“We’re trying to take this thing to the next level,” she said.

“It’s about showing the world what you can do and making sure that women get their voices heard and get the respect and the recognition that they deserve.”

Clarkson said the contestants of the show “are so amazing and they are so talented, but I want to see a lot more women.

I want the world to see how much we can do together.”

She also said that the “Bacheloretes” season is her “favorite” of all time, saying it has been “a really great experience” to be a part of.

Clarkson has been the host of the ABC series since 2013.

She was the last of the current cast to leave the series, leaving in April 2018 to take over for David Burtka, who was on the show since 2005.